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Antonio Rivette

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Antonio Rivette

Antonio Rivette is a criminal residing in Liberty City in 2008 wanted by the Liberty City Police Department for racketeering. He hides out at the train station in South Slopes. Niko Bellic can kill Rivette, depending on the players choice.

Attacking Antonio

As you go to his location, one of his friends will go to the entrance, and start shooting at you with a pistol. Then when you kill him, you will encounter two of his friends, and Rivette himself. Antonio is the very fat one most of the time with a beard and he aims at you with a Micro-SMG. When all are dead, mission is passed.


  • Antonio seems to be a member of one of the mafia families in Liberty City.
  • Lure him under the stairs to get some extra money as he drops like all Most Wanted criminals around 200$.


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