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Anywhere City

Map of the Residential sector of Anywhere City.

Anywhere City is the name of the city featured in Grand Theft Auto 2. It is presumably called this because at the time when GTA 2 was made, the game was based in the future (precisely in year 2013), and because the city doesn't bear any resemblance to any city in particular, although the intro movie shows that it was filmed in New York City. Anywhere City is divided into three sectors - Downtown District, Residential District and Industrial District and all districts are patrolled by the Anywhere City Police Department.

The Downtown District is the first district Claude finds himself in. Here are the major office buildings and high flats, as well as a university and some outdated small docks. The game begins here and Claude can start taking missions from gang leaders, who ring certain telephones around the district. In this district Claude works for the Yakuza (led by Johnny Zoo), the Loonies (led by Elmo), and The Zaibatsu Corporation (led by Trey Welsh). The maximum wanted level is 4 and therefore the highest police force encountered is the SWAT.

The Residential District is the second district Claude explores and is full of blocks of flats and shops. The police headquarters, the Alma Mater Prison, a military base, the Zaibatsu Village, the Mobile RV Park and the SRS Scientists laboratory are located in the Resident District. Here Claude works for the Scientists (led by Dr. LaBrat), the Rednecks (led by Billy Bob Bean) and The Zaibatsu Corporation (led by Red Valdez). The maximum wanted level is 5 (6 in the PSX version), and therefore the highest police forces encountered are the Special Agents.

The Industrial District is the third and final district Claude explores. The Industrial District mainly consists of factories, although there are also blocks of flats and a small village in the northwest, Mad Island. Mad Island is populated by a gang which always attacks Claude, regardless of Claude's respect level. Here Claude works for the Hare Krishna (led by Sunbeam), the Russian Mafia (led by Jerkov) and The Zaibatsu Corporation (led by Uno Carb). The maximum wanted level is 6, leading to an army chasing Claude.

The city bears similarities to Liberty City in the 3D Universe, as they were both directly split up into Industrial (Portland Island), Commercial (Staunton Island), and Residential (Shoreside Vale) districts.


  • Anywhere City is the only playable map featured only once in the series AND without an outer universe counterpart (like in 3D or HD Universes).
  • In the promo movie, a place by the name of Chernobyl Docks was mentioned, but it's not found anywhere in the game. It might've been a beta district.
  • In the files, there are a few other districts mentioned, though they don't appear. They are named Barking, Kyabetsu, Romanova and Azimuth. It's implied that they would be part of the Downtown District.
  • The districts of Largo and Stromberg are named after villains from the James Bond franchise, namely Emilio Largo (from the novel and film Thunderball) and Karl Stromberg (from the film The Spy Who Loved Me).
  • The city can be seen in a screenshot of GTA 2 shown on a computer in the TW@ Internet Cafe in Grand Theft Auto III. This is technically the only appearance of Anywhere City outside of GTA 2.
  • Curiously,'s description of the Furore GT (which has appeared in both GTA 2 and GTA V) contains "From Los Santos to Nowhere, USA". It is possible that "Nowhere, USA" is meant to be a reference/homage to Anywhere City (which is sometimes referred to as "Anywhere, USA"), either as the name of the state/county it's located in, or as the name of its possible counterpart in the HD Universe.



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