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The apartment seen from outside

Apartment 3c is an apartment room located south of a Pay 'n' Spray in Ocean Beach, Vice City. The building has a pink roof with a Unique Stunt Jump and parked Sparrow on it. On its south side there are stairways leading up to the apartment room. A Chainsaw is located in its bathroom.

This apartment room is a reference to the movie Scarface; specifically the scene where Tony Montana's friend, Angel Fernandez, is killed with a chainsaw in a bathtub. The bathroom in Apartment 3c is splattered with blood, with a chainsaw pickup right next to it, so it is a clear homage to Scarface. It should also be noted that by the entrance, there is a briefcase full of cocaine with some spilled packets on the ground, just like the scene in Scarface.

The blood stain is also the exact same image seen in the blown-up jail cell in GTA III after helping Kenji get a high ranking Yakuza member out of the police station in Staunton Island during the mission Kanbu Bust-out. The exterior of the apartment can be seen in GTA Vice City's first trailer at 0:21.


  • The chainsaw torture scene at the apartment in the movie Scarface takes place at Miami Beach on Ocean Drive. However in Vice City, the apartment isn't located on Ocean Drive.
  • The apartment is inaccessible in GTA Vice City Stories.
  • It is possible to access Blue Hell from here by jumping into the bathtub and sprinting at the blood stain. You will run through the wall and the world will be invisible.
  • Apartment 3c was to be used in a mission, which was cut during its developement.
  • Apartment 3c was originally going to be a safehouse.

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