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Apple Macintosh are a series of personal computers developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Unlike the PC, Macintosh line of computers have their own operating systems, namely the Mac OS and the current Mac OS X (for more information, see below).

Operating Systems

Mac OS are a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. It is the first operating system operated under Macintosh line-of-computers. It is known for being the first system aimed at the general public have a graphical interface consisting of mouse interaction with windows, icons, et cetera. The first version was first released in 1984 and 9 major versions of Mac OS were released, with Mac OS 9 (the final version) launched in 1999. It was then succeeded by Mac OS X.

Mac OS X is the line of graphical operating systems which succeeded the original Mac OS. There have been nine releases of OS X, the latest being OS X 10.10 "Yosemite".

Although the Mac's operating system has been widely criticized for its lack of support and incompatibility with gaming, some Grand Theft Auto games have still been officially released for it.

Modern Mac hardware can have Windows installed to run natively, although the general use of mobile graphics in all-in-one models such as iMacs as well as the inability to overclock processors and graphics cards, even if they can be overclocked on a normal PC, GTA games for Windows can theoretically run although the performance would be inferior to that on a PC.

Grand Theft Auto games on Macintosh

Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive first released a Mac version of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, a compilation of three main instalments of the Grand Theft Auto series in the 3D Universe, on 22nd November 2010.

The following GTA games have been released on the Mac App Store:

GTA Trilogy-AppleMac

The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy box art for the Macintosh.


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