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The Armadillo is a helicopter used by the Vice City Fire Department in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Similar in design to the Bell 412, the Armadillo is a relatively large helicopter that nevertheless possesses relatively good speed, with moderately steep pitches that help increase its acceleration at the expense of losing altitude faster.

The fire department version has a bucket attached by a rope, which is used to carry water from the sea to the fires. Entering a FDVC Armadillo starts a Fire Copter side mission, where the player has to get sea water and use it to take out fires on rooftops. The player can avoid activating the side mission and water bucket upon entry into the helicopter by pushing it away from its spawn point using a heavy road vehicle or even the player character itself (by sprinting against the helicopter).

Since the VCN Maverick was cut from GTA Vice City Stories, Reni Wassulmaier uses the Armadillo in one of his/her missions as a news helicopter, hovering over the player.


  • On the large field behind the fire station in Downtown

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