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"Wow, downtown's really changed you, man."
―Armando Torres

Armando Torres is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a main character and a friend in The Ballad of Gay Tony.



Armando and his constant companion Henrique Bardas, are two of Luis' oldest friends. The trio are said to have grown up together, gone to school together, and got in a lot of trouble together. While Luis has left Northwood for the success he found working with Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, Armando and Henrique have remained in the barrio where they are still often found hustling on the streets of Northwood. With Luis not around as often, the trio has become a duo in which Armando fills the role of brains to Henrique's muscle. Armando can be seen to be slightly resentful of Luis' decision to work in nightclub business, feeling as if Luis has abandoned his origins and is trying to be something he's not.

Events of "The Ballad of Gay Tony"

Armando, along with Henrique, first appears when they try to get in the Maisonette 9 club, telling that they are Luis' friends, however, Dessie does not allow them to enter. Luis soon comes and drives Armando and Henrique to their home.

Later, Armando and Henrique asking Luis to help them with a drug deal with a dealer known as Papi, and protect them in another drug deal, when another gang tries to steal the drugs vehicles.

If Luis does not have a sniper rifle for one of Ray Bulgarin's missions, he will call Armando for a rifle.

Also, Luis can call Armando during Rocco's mission, if he needs any weapons.

He is still very loyal, however, to his old friend, selling him weapons from the back of his Black Cavalcade at 30% off normal prices as well as backup on certain missions. With the help of Luis, Henrique and Armando start a drug empire which they build up by ambushing drug convoys, stealing stashes and raiding deals.

Armando's Arsenal

Weapon Magazine Per round
Knife$100 -- --
Pistol$420 $25 $1.67
Pump Shotgun$840 $70 $8.75
Micro-SMG$840 $20 $0.40
SMG$1,750 $20 $0.67
Assault Rifle$2,450 $55 $1.83
Carbine Rifle$3,500 $70 $2.33
Combat Sniper$5,000 $500 $50.00
Rocket Launcher $10000 $300 $300
Molotov Cocktail$350 $350 $350
Grenades$700 $700 $700
Body Armor $300 -- --
Weapons in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Pistol .44$640 $15 $1.87
Automatic Shotgun$1250 $80 (standard) $160 (explosive) $4.00/$8.00
Gold SMG$5000 $20 $0.60
Assault SMG $6725 $20 $0.60
Advanced MG $7550 $400 $4.00
Advanced Sniper $4750 $200 $20.00
Grenade Launcher$8,000 $300 $300
Sticky Bombs $800 $800 $800
Parachute $100 -- --

Mission Appearances

The Ballad of Gay Tony


  • Just like Little Jacob and Terry Thorpe, after you buy guns from him and you punch him, he will retaliate. Also like Little Jacob, if you kill him during these times there is no thumbs down icon and he won't call you for a ride from the hospital.
  • In Armando's Gun Van, there are three pistol slots. From right to left there is a pistol, a pistol .44, and one empty slot. It is unknown whether or not the combat pistol was supposed to be sold from this slot or not. It is never filled by any weapon at any point in the game.
  • Armando has a mother who is still alive, and says to Luis if he crashes his Cavalcade; "My mother is gonna kill you if I die in a car crash!".
  • He is currently in a relationship with Carmen Ortiz. Luis and Henrique make fun of him because they also had sex with her.
  • Armando is one of a few characters without an entry in the LCPD database, despite having committed criminal acts and has been in jail.
  • After buying weapons from him, it is possible to follow Armando's car. Armando will drive very recklessly and will drive to random places.
  • While in prison, Armando had a cellmate, who had three kids. Luis, and apparently several others, have accused Armando of having homosexual relationships with this man.
  • Armando is a smoker, which can be seen during the mission Clocking Off. It's a likely reference to the habits of Little Jacob, who likes to smoke marijuana, and Terry Thorpe, who is a heavy cigarette smoker. All three characters provide the protagonist with weapons.
  • If Luis doesn't have a sniper rifle for the mission In the Crosshairs, he will automatically call Armando and ask if he has any. Armando will then leave an advanced sniper for Luis under some scaffolding across the street from Drusilla's in Little Italy.
  • Armando's favorite radio station is The Beat 102.7.
  • Armando strikes a double-image with Hip-Hop artist Lloyd Banks.
  • Armando, unlike most other characters, does not wear a helmet while on a bike. This is also true for Henrique and Tony.
  • Armando and Henrique often like to poke fun at Luis for having a homosexual boss, saying things like; "Sorry Luis, but the strippers here are women, not men."
  • Armando bears some resemblance to Rocco Pelosi due to similarities of their facial appearances.
  • If you get run over by Armando accidentally after you purchase weapons from him, you will suffer no injuries. However, there might be blood stains on the areas you got ran over.
  • Armando appears in Guns in Liberty City Trailer (A Weazel News Report), selling weapons to a random pedestrian.
  • Sometimes when asking Henrique for a vehicle, he will comment that Armando gets "kind of clingy".
  • Curiously enough, his name in Spanish translates to "Building towers."


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