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"Create an artificial scarcity in the arms market at Fort Zancudo using an all-singing, all-dancing, state of the art, restored and modified classic car."

Arms Embargo is a Special Vehicle Work mission in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export update. It is the "Ruiner 2000 Mission".


The Assistant will guide the players to the Los Santos International Airport to take the Ruiner 2000's, which were restored by SecuroServ a while back from the Mexican Mob and explaining that a client wants to take out the military's arms supply, so they will be forced to contract said client. Players will encounter a small area with the modified cars and Jetsam-marked Cargobobs piloted by SecuroServ pilots awaiting for the raid.

Once the team gets in the Ruiner 2000s, a cutscene will play where the Cargobobs are heading to Fort Zancudo with the cars attached to them. At this point, players can detach the vehicle from the Cargobobs' lift magnets and descend toward the military base to initiate the raid. Once approaching, the military base will be alerted and the arms cache will be attempted to be secured.

In order to progress, the first four Barracks must be destroyed in the base, then another four trucks after the first group. Later, two Cargobobs must be destroyed and then finally, a Titan. After destroying all the vehicles, the team must escape from the base and make their way to the extraction point, located past the Cassidy Creek Bridge, jumping to the beach, where the extraction point is marked. After all of the players reach said destination, the mission is completed.



  • The Titan that the players have to destroy can be destroyed before hand. If that happens, players will skip the Titan step and move on to escaping the base after destroying the two Cargobobs.
  • The Rhinos featured in this mission have significantly lower health compared to Rhinos in free roam, being able to be destroyed with only two missiles from the Ruiner 2000.