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Art Throb ( is a fictional website in Grand Theft Auto IV that showcases ongoing or upcoming exhibitions at art galleries and museums throughout Liberty City.


Being an art site, the front page of is occupied by an introductory prose that discusses the merits of postmodern and abstract art. However, the website's contents is likely intended by GTA IV's game developer to poke fun at the concept of modern art itself, and the idea that anything, regardless of the effort taken to create it, can be regarded as art.

The page leads the player to three more subpages, each explaining exhibitions being held or to be held in one of the city's three art galleries and museum. They include:

Each posted exhibition (except The Libertonian's) includes "critical commentary" that includes recommendations or interpretations of the artworks, although it may also be implied the artworks on display are nauseating, confusing or revolting to look at.


  • Typing "" in on any browser will send the user to the Rockstar Games GTA IV website.

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