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|name = Assault Shotgun
|name = Assault Shotgun
|image = AssaultShotgun-TLAD.png
|image = AssaultShotgun-TLAD.png
|games = [[The Lost and Damned]]
|games = [[The Lost and Damned]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto V]]
|slot = Shotgun
|slot = Shotgun
|damage = High
|damage = High

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"This fully automatic shotgun is extremely powerful and fires off shells constantly. This weapon is very effective at taking out multiple targets at once and can take down vehicles quickly."
Rockstar Games description.

The Assault Shotgun is an automatic shotgun that appears in The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto V.


The Assault Shotgun is a weapon modeled after the Striker, a shotgun manufactured by Armsel. It is the fourth shotgun featured in the Grand Theft Auto IV trilogy, after the Pump Action Shotgun and the Combat Shotgun, and the second introduced in The Lost and Damned, appearing alongside the Sawed off Shotgun.

Pumped Up

Johnny Klebitz destroying a Police Patrol with an Assault Shotgun.

It is distinguished from other shotguns of its class because has fully automatic capabilities. The Assault Shotgun boasts high firepower, allowing it to deal with crowds of enemies, vehicles and even low flying helicopters with ease. It is extremely effective in short range, but its usefulness diminishes over distance. It holds eight shells in each drum, and the player can hold a total of 250 shells.

The Assault is first introduced in the storyline mission "Heavy Toll", where Johnny Klebitz is given one to stop a drug convoy. Later on, he wields one during the events of "Shifting Weight", using it to fight off the pursuing LCPD while escaping with Malc. It can be purchased from Terry's gun van after Heavy Toll, and spawns at the player's safehouse after completing 40 gang wars.



  • Clay will equip the Assault Shotgun when he becomes hardened enough.
  • The Striker is depicted in-game with a full automatic firing rate, although it is produced with a semi-auto firing rate in real life.
  • If the player blind-fires with the Assault Shotgun he will be seen "pumping" the weapon after every shot is fired, even if there is no pump on the shotgun. This also limits the blindfiring speed to the Pump Action Shotgun as it uses the same animation. Although, this glitch applies to all shotguns.

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