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"Asset Recovery sends your organization to LSPD stations around the city to recover impounded vehicles. It’s up to your outfit to free up those assets and return them to a designated location, while the cops and other players in the session will be looking to destroy your vehicles."
Rockstar Newswire description

Asset Recovery is a VIP job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals.


"Contract Alert: A client's son is being harassed by the police for routine college-age experimentation. Recover his car in Vespucci before the authorities can perform a thorough search, and deliver it to a safe location."
―Vespucci Beach Asset Recovery text message
"Steal one or more vehicles from a Police Station and deliver them to the drop-off location."
―Mission Description

Players as VIPs have to steal a vehicle from a chosen police station and then take it to a drop-off location, such as north of Alamo Sea, while evading a 4-star wanted level. Once the player nears the drop off area within a 2km radius, the player is told they are nearing the location and they are reduced to two stars.

All players in the session are notified once the boss takes the vehicle so that anyone can take the opportunity to steal the vehicle and deliver it themselves.

Once the vehicle is delivered, the vehicle becomes locked and unable to be entered.


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Vehicle Found at Reward ?
Blazer Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station $5,000
Comet La Mesa Police Station $10,000
Dominator Mission Row Police Station $10,000
Pigalle Vespucci Police Station or Mission Row Police Station $10,000
Rhapsody Vespucci Police Station $10,000
Stirling GT Vinewood Police Station $10,000

Drop-Off Locations

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Police Station Drop-Off Vehicle(s)
Vespucci Police Station Procopio Truck Stop Pigalle
Mission Row Police Station Foreclosed North Alamo Pier Pigalle
La Mesa Police Station Procopio Truck Stop Comet
Vinewood Police Station Foreclosed North Alamo Pier Stirling GT
Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station Elysian Island Blazer


  • Co-ordinate your Organization so that all players steal the vehicles at the exact same time. All members of the Organization will become wanted by the cops as soon as a single target vehicle is stolen.
  • The target vehicles have bullet proof tires.
  • Think about splitting up to avoid any attacking cops and to confuse rival Organizations and other players trying to take the vehicles out.


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