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An asset is a profitable business in the Grand Theft Auto series. Assets can be bought or acquired by the player. After the completion of an asset's missions, money is generated by the asset and can be picked up by the player.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Assets are first introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The player can buy other assets after completing the mission Shakedown. After the purchase of an asset, the player can save his or her progress at the asset (except Phil's Place, since it's not owned by the player). The asset will generate profit once all the missions for the related asset have been completed. You can spend a total of $400,000 if you buy ALL the assets. In the mobile port, the prices of all assets are cut in half.

Asset Price Location Profit
Vercetti Estate Starfish Island $5,000
Boatyard $10,000 Viceport, Vice City Mainland $2,000
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory $20,000 Little Havana, Vice City Mainland $3,000
The Pole Position Club $30,000 Ocean Beach, Vice Beach $4,000
Kaufman Cabs $40,000 Little Haiti, Vice City Mainland $5,000
Sunshine Autos $50,000 Little Havana, Vice City Mainland $1,500-$9,000
InterGlobal Films $60,000 Prawn Island, Vice Beach $7,000
Print Works $70,000 Little Haiti, Vice City Mainland $8,000
Malibu Club $120,000 Vice Point, Vice Beach $10,000
Phil's Place Little Haiti, Vice City Mainland Weapons for sale

¹ Tommy Vercetti takes over Diaz's Mansion and renamed it Vercetti Estate after the mission Rub Out.

² Phil Cassidy's missions are unlocked after the mission The Job.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Assets in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can be acquired by completing certain missions and a few of them can be bought in which you spend $160,000.

Asset Price Location Profit
The Johnson House -N/A- Ganton, Los Santos ?-$8,000
Zero RC $30,000 Garcia, San Fierro $5,000
Wang Cars $50,000 Downtown, San Fierro $8,000
Verdant Meadows Airstrip $80,000 Verdant Meadows, Bone County $10,000
RS Haul -N/A- Flint County $2,000
Vank Hoff Hotel -N/A- Financial, San Fierro $2,000
Hunter Quarry -N/A- Hunter Quarry, Bone County $2,000
Roboi's Food Mart -N/A- Commerce, Los Santos $2,000
Hippy Shopper -N/A- Queens, San Fierro $2,000
Burger Shot -N/A- Redsands East, Las Venturas $2,000

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

There are no purchasable properties in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories so all assets are acquired by completing missions for the business. The profits are usually in the form of protection money.

Asset Location Profit
Punk Noodles Chinatown, Portland Island $2,000
Joe's Pizza Bedford Point, Staunton Island $2,500
Hogs 'n' Cogs Belleville Park, Staunton Island $3,000
Capital Autos Harwood, Portland Island $4,000

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Main article: Empire Building

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories expanded the idea of assets into building a business empire that will generate income from many types of businesses. After killing Marty Jay Williams , Victor can take over all of his empire buildings. Players can unlock more businesses by completing storyline missions or attacking other gang-owned buildings , including the Cholos, Vice City Bikers, and Sharks.

When the player completes an asset mission, it will unlock a special outfit which represents the asset and its profit will be doubled. If the player completes all of the asset missions, the car unlocked with each asset will become bulletproof.

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