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Panorama of Atlantic Quays in GTA III, as viewed from the top of the Liberty City Sawmills.

Atlantic Quays is a predominantly industrial district in the southeast side of Portland Island, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is south of Portland Harbor and Trenton and east of Callahan Point.


Atlantic Quays is based on DUMBO, New York. Atlantic Quays' design is relatively similar to Portland Harbor, serving as a seaport in a much smaller scale. The district is distinguished by its piers (several wooden ones and a sturdier concrete version), and small warehouses; the concrete pier in GTA Liberty City Stories is depicted with a large docked ship prominently featured during "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" and the Slash TV side quest.

Appearances in Missions

Atlantic Quays is prominently featured in GTA III, when its easternmost warehouses is used as a club during "Chaperone". In GTA Liberty City Stories, Vincenzo Cilli's warehouse, which is used to receive missions early in the game, is situated on the western edge of the district.


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