Atlee Street is a street in Mission Row, Los Santos, in Grand Theft Auto V. It runs from Little Bighorn Avenue in the east to Strawberry Avenue in the west. The street also connects to Sinner Street. The street is one-way between Strawberry Avenue and Sinner Street. The one-way section is home to a large number of small jewelry stores.

Places of Interest


  • Bean Machine
  • Dallas Fashion (corner of Sinner Street)
  • Elkridge Hotel (corner of Strawberry Avenue)
  • Gear and Clothing
  • Gem's Jewelry (x2)
  • Happy Shark
  • Hot Rocks
  • Ice Planet Jewelry
  • Jilguero Jewelers
  • L.S. Gentstyle (x2)
  • Little Gems Jewelry
  • The Look Depository (corner of Little Bighorn Avenue)
  • Noodle Exchange (corner of Strawberry Avenue)
  • Pizza This...
  • Rimmers
  • Ring Midas
  • Sneaky Footwear
  • Sound Sanctuary Ind.
  • Supersonic
  • Timesnatchers
  • Wholesale Mart