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The Atomic Blimp is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V and is a bonus vehicle to those who pre ordered the game. The Atomic Blimp can be used by calling the blimp contact on the phone and going to the blimp's location, as seen here.


Despite being a blimp, it's quicker and more agile than the vehicle type suggests. It has acceptable maneuverability and good acceleration, and it has very little turbulence in-flight, making it a very good choice for flying around San Andreas. 


GTA 5 - Atomic Blimp airship flight - HD 720p-003:56

GTA 5 - Atomic Blimp airship flight - HD 720p-0


Atomic Blimp Details and Location.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • Can be ordered on a special in-game app after completing Franklin's intro mission. Has to be picked up at the location given on the map. These locations are usually open spaces, such as fields. NOTE, after being able to access aircraft freely, this app will disappear.
  • Landing a helicopter on the top of the blimp, be cautious because you can fall off and die unless you have a parachute. Get out off your helicopter and while on top of the blimp, press triangle (PS3) or Y (Xbox 360) and you should appear in the gondola flying the blimp.


  • This is the second Grand Theft Auto game to feature a blimp. The first being the Gash Blimp in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which was unaccessible and only available to customize with mods.
  • Unlike most vehicles, the blimp will remain afloat if crashed into the water.
  • If the player is chased and shot at by the police whilst in the Blimp, a warning noise will sound if the Blimp recieves too much damage, shortly after the engines will stall/cut out and the Blimp will begin to fall out of the sky. It is highly recommended that the player be over the water at this point because, if falling from a great height, there will be no explosion or death on impact with the water. The blimp will detonate in a large explosion when it hits the ground.
  • Simply bumping into a building or a car will cause the Blimp to explode. Extra care must be taken when piloting it.

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