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Auto Eroticar is an automobile dealership located in Alderney City, located at the intersection of Lockowski Avenue and Keneckie Avenue in Grand Theft Auto IV. Based on the events of the mission Payback, it appears to be owned by the Pavano Family. The game's nicer vehicles often spawn here. This is an interesting choice for those who want to earn the "Chain Reaction" achievement for destroying ten cars. Its name is also similar to "Auto Erotica", which means self-pornography and masturbation. The company's logo also resembles a penis.

Events of GTA IV

After the Pavano's attempt to kill him, Jimmy Pegorino has Niko Bellic follow a Pavano vehicle from a diner in Alderney. Pegorino believes they are going to meet with other members of the Pavano family about their Alderney bookmaking operation. Niko follows the Pavanos to Auto Eroticar where he wipes out all of the assembled Pavano goons.


  • Money sometimes spawns on the car lot as well as inside the showroom, and the player receives no penalty for collecting it.
  • The Midtown Gangsters killed in the mission By Myriads of Swords in GTA Chinatown Wars carry what appear to be membership or business cards for Auto Eroticar.
  • On the Auto Eroticar website, super cars and sports cars are posted for sale, including the Turismo, the Coquette, the Banshee and Gracie Ancelotti's Feltzer, but none of these are ever physically at the lot. The mentioned cars can spawn at the dealership, but not with the paintjobs seen on the website.
  • If you park a vehicle in the dealership and get back in it, you will receive a one-star wanted level.
  • If the player breaks a window on every car in the lot, they will receive a one-star wanted level, which will disappear after entering a car.
  • The radio tuned inside the dealership is The Journey in GTA IV and Self-Actualization FM in EFLC.


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