The auto merchant is a minor, unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The auto merchant runs an unnamed automotive dealership, located in BOABO, Liberty City.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The merchant's garage is only featured in the mission, The Wheelman, where Huang is instructed by Wu 'Kenny' Lee to deliver tuner cars to Chan Jaoming for his street race. The garage property is used as a drop-off point. It is unknown whether or not the auto merchant is affiliated with Chan.


After completing The Wheelman, the player can purchase various vehicles from here whenever they are in free roam.

Some vehicles will only be available after completing certain missions, when the player is notified that "The auto merchant in BOABO has a new import in stock."

Purchasable Vehicles

Vehicles Cost Unlocked by
Hearse $300 The Wheelman
Limo $500 Complete Guy's mission
NRG 900 $600 The Wheelman
Patriot $500 The Wheelman
Bulldozer $500 Counterfeit Gangster
Cognoscenti $600 Raw Deal

Grave Situation(Android)

Sabre GT $700 Operation Northwood
Turismo $700 Raw Deal
Banshee $800 Weapon of Mass Distraction
Hellenbach $800 Bomb Disposal
Comet $900 Jackin' Chan
Infernus $1,000 Cash and Burn
Resolution X $1,000 Pimp His Ride
MK GT9 $1,100 Win at least bronze medals in all Broker & Dukes races.
500 XLR8 $1,200 Win at least bronze medals in all Algonquin races.
Style SR $1,300 Win at least bronze medals in all Bohan races.
CityScape $1,400 Win at least bronze medals in all time trials.
Go Kart $1,000 Win at least bronze medals in all Go-Kar-TT time trials.
Formula R $5,000 Win at least bronze medals in all Street Races.
Rhino $10,000 Salt in the Wound
Bulletproof Patriot $0 Can be won through the Peking Duck Hunt on Rockstar Games Social Club
Bulletproof Infernus $0 Limited offer exclusive on
Bulletproof Hellenbach $0 Limited offer exclusive on Rockstar Games Social Club

Mission Appearances