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The Auto Merchant is a vehicle import business in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is located in BOABO, Broker, south of the Algonquin Bridge. The player is introduced to this in the mission The Wheelman. After the mission, whenever not on a mission, the player can purchase imported vehicles.

Vehicles Cost Unlocked by
Hearse $300 The Wheelman
Limo $500 Complete Guy's mission
NRG 900 $600 The Wheelman
Patriot $500 The Wheelman
Bulldozer $500 Counterfeit Gangster
Cognoscenti $600 Raw Deal

Grave Situation(Android)

Sabre GT $700 Operation Northwood
Turismo $700 Raw Deal
Banshee $800 Weapon of Mass Distraction
Hellenbach $800 Bomb Disposal
Comet $900 Jackin' Chan
Infernus $1,000 Cash and Burn
Resolution X $1,000 Pimp His Ride
MK GT9 $1,100 Win at least bronze medals in all Broker & Dukes Races
500 XLR8 $1,200 Win at least bronze medals in all Algonquin Races
Style SR $1,300 Win at least bronze medals in all Bohan Races
CityScape $1,400 Win at least bronze medals in all time trials
Go Kart $1,000 Win at least bronze medals in all Go-Kar-TT time trials
Formula R $5,000 Win at least bronze medals in all Street Races
Rhino $10,000 Complete all Main Story missions
Bulletproof Patriot $0 Can be won through the Peking Duck Hunt on Rockstar Games Social Club. Replaced by the Helicopter when Action Replay mods are used.
Bulletproof Infernus $0 Limited offer exclusive on[1]
Bulletproof Hellenbach $0 Limited offer exclusive on Rockstar Games Social Club[2]


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