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"A European gang plans to hit a bank in Vice City. My employers would rather this didn't happen."
Mr. Black.

Autocide is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Mr. Black from a public payphone outside the Washington Mall in Washington Beach, Vice City.


Tommy receives a phone call at a public payphone outside the Washington Mall and receives instructions from Mr. Black to kill members of a European gang, currently undercover in the city, before they rob a bank. Tommy first locates and kills Mike Griffin, who is working as a builder on a billboard outside the Washington Mall. Next, Tommy then locates and kills Dick Tanner, who is working as a security guard for DBP Security. Tommy then locates and kills Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter, who are working as carpenters and are located in a Bobcat close to Jewler's in Vice Point. Tommy then locates and kills Nick Kong, who is posing as a tourist on a boat close to Avery Carrington's construction site. Finally, Tommy locates and kills the last member of the gang, Charlie Dilson, who is riding his PCJ-600 around Ocean Drive, and the mission is complete.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:


All of the following characters were killed on Mr. Black's orders and for planning to rob a bank.


  • A unique silver PCJ-600 can be collected by the player after the mission starts, located next to a hedge on the way to Mike Griffin's location.
  • All of the European gangsters in this mission have names referring to characters in rival sandbox games. Dick Tanner is a reference to Tanner from the Driver series, Marcus Hammond, Franco Carter and Charlie Dilson are references to Mark Hammond, Frank Carter and Charlie Jolson from The Getaway, and Nick Kong is a reference to Nicholas "Nick" Kang Wilson from True Crime: Streets of LA. Mike Griffin is a reference to Mace Griffin from Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter.
  • Pedestrians with the same character models as Griffin, Tanner, Hammond, Carter, Kong and Dilson appear during free roam throughout Vice City.
  • The Bobcat that Marcus Hammond is driving is unique colour. Shoot him in head with a long-range weapon and then the another target to obtain it and save it in a garage.
  • The PCJ-600 that Charlie Dilson is driving has a unique blue shade color. It can be simply obtained by killing him and then getting it to a garage.
  • This mission has the highest number of unique vehicles.
  • The three weapons that make this mission a cinch are the RPG (Used to deal with Marcus Hammond. Just hit the Bobcat and it should take both of them out. The Fast Reload ability helps if the aim is off as it allows the player to spam the rockets and Dick Tanner. Two RPGs will wipe him out without him even having a chance to escape). The PSG-1 is used to snipe the first man off the billboard and a full clip will waste Kong since a full clip will blow up his boat nicely. And finally, either the Uzi or the MP-5 is need to waste Charles Dilson off of his bike.


Video Walkthroughs

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