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Automated teller machines, more commonly known as ATMs, are computerised machine that can be used to complete monetary transactions such as balance check or withdrawal. It has appeared in three games so far: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


GTA San Andreas


The ATM sign, with logos for PISN, Master B8tr and Pla$tic.

The ATM is a non-interactive device. It features heavily in the mission Small Town Bank for Catalina, where the player must destroy some ATMs and retrieve the money inside. Even if the player can't use the ATM, it is implied that the machine accepts PISN, Master B8tr and Pla$tic cards, and is available for 24 hours.




In GTA IV, ATMs are interactive devices, but only serve as a means to show the player how much money Niko has - despite the fact that the player's money is already displayed in the game's HUD. ATMs in GTA IV can be found in various locations throughout Liberty City, and are implied to be operated by the Bank of Liberty.

Occasionally, if the player kills a pedestrian who just used an ATM, massive amounts of money will spawn repeatedly on the ground. This will happen even with cops, who normally only drop their pistol.


According to a June 2013 preview, the player may rob ATMs for extra cash.

"ATM…but Not the Gross Version You’d Probably Expect GTA to Make a Joke About

While you’re out robbing liquor stores, winning races, and completing missions, you’ll be accruing cash. All of it will go into your wallet. The catch is that, as you’ve already read, almost anything can happen while you’re out and about in San Andreas. If something bad happens and you’re killed, your wallet will just be lying there, on your corpse, ripe for anyone to come along and pluck it out of the pool of your blood. You’ll need to stop at one of the many ATMs scattered around the city in order to deposit – and thus secure – your earnings. Fortunately, places like Ammu-Nation and real-estate brokers accept debit cards, so you won’t need to extract massive stacks of cash from the ATM in order to make big purchases.

[Editor's Note: Rockstar contacted IGN to add that you can also do your banking from your "iFruit" cell phone as well.]"

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