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The Automatic 9mm, based on the CZ-75 , is a pistol featured in Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned.


It is fully automatic with an extremely high rate of fire, which is faster than both Sub Machine Guns from GTA IV and has a 17 bullet capacity. The automatic 9mm is just as powerful as the regular 9mm Pistol in GTA IV, although it fires fully automatic it is far less accurate due to heavy recoil. It lacks accuracy but makes up for it with its rate of fire making it a well rounded weapon and extremly useful for Drive-bys. It is also capable of being used for executions. It is the starting weapon for players when the weapons are set to all, weaker, or to biker weapons on TLAD Multiplayer.


  • The pistol is given to the player in the mission Bad Cop Drop. After that, it can be requested from Jim, and can be purchased from Terry's gun van.

HUD icons


HUD icon of the Automatic 9mm in The Lost and Damned.


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