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The Avenger is a motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The Avenger is essentially a Freeway that belongs to the Avenging Angels, whose color scheme is a permanent red and yellow/gold outlines, as well as having the Avenging Angels' logos on its fuel tank.


The top speed, acceleration and handling are considerably better than the other chopper bikes of the 3D Universe, the Angel and the Freeway. It is bulletproof and fireproof, so the only way it can be damaged is through collisions or firing a Rocket Launcher at it.


The Avenger is given as a reward to Toni Cipriani for completing 15 levels of the Avenging Angels mission in Portland. It will appear at the Portland safehouse, but can only be obtained once in the game. If the player wants to keep this vehicle, he/she should store it in a garage.


  • It might be based on its real life counterpart Bajaj Avenger.
  • The color scheme may be related to those of Iron Man (red and gold) for he is one of the Avengers in the Marvel universe.


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