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Not to be confused with AT-400, a passenger aircraft in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The BF-400 is a motorcycle that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Based on a Honda CB400, the bike's design is intended to match its inferior performance in comparison to the PCJ-600 and the FCR-900, with a slimmer body design, thinner wheels and an older appearance. Like the FCR-900, the bike comes with three different body designs:

  1. A streetfighter version with no frontal fairing.
  2. A covered version with a half frontal fairing, which only conceals the upper front half of the bike.
  3. A covered version with a full frontal fairing, which conceals much of the front half of the bike.

Three different exhaust pipes are also available, but all exhaust pipes are situated on the right side of the bike.


The BF-400 is likely the slowest of all sport bikes in the game, although it may attain the speed of the PCJ-600, albeit after a longer period of acceleration. Its more compact construction and lighter weight, however, allows the bike to corner better than its two other counterparts.

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Prominent Appearances in Missions



  • During the mission Just Business for Big Smoke, CJ and Smoke ride a BF-400, which in the PC and PS2 versions has a Los Santos number plate that reads "IMY AK", while in the Xbox version, it will just have a random number plate. The "IMY AK" plate can also be seen on a Cheetah when bought from the Import/Export barge in Easter Basin, San Fierro.
  • The streetfighter variant of the BF-400 coincidentally shares several design cues with the Kawasaki Ninja 150RR, although the 150RR itself was introduced in late 1998, well after the events of GTA San Andreas.


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