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BF (BAWSAQ: BFA), short for Bürgerfahrzeug, is an german automotive manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Based on the design of most of its vehicles, it is likely based on a Volkswagen cars customizer. Burgerfahrzeug means civilian's vehicle in German, parodying Volkswagen's English translation of people's car. BF may be a division of Vulcar, which is the GTA World counterpart of Volkswagen.


Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Surfer Vintage Van Volkswagen Type 2
BF Injection Civilian Buggy
Dune Buggy Dune Buggy Includes Space Docker
BF-400 Motorcycle


  • It's very likely this manufacturer is based on Volkswagen. This is the second vehicle brand in the series to be based off of Volkswagen, right after Vulcar.
  • It is possible that BF is based on the Volkswagen Group as a whole and Vulcar is based on the Volkwagen subsidiary brand.

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