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A BMX in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

"The classic bike for tooling the neighborhood or doing a double peg grind. Reinforced steel, super comfortable seat that wont cut off the circulation to your scrotum too bad. (i.e. for wimps!) A great deal for the cash-strapped."

The BMX is a bicycle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Vice City Stories, and GTA V.



The BMX, as implied, a BMX bike sporting compact frame and wheels, and a sturdy handlebar. While the San Andreas rendition consists only of the bare essentials, the Vice City Stories rendition comes with padding on portions of the frame; Vice City Stories even features a girly variation of the BMX, which features a step-through frame (as opposed to a diamond frame), a pink frame color and a front mounted basket. The Vice City Stories rendition features larger wheels and higher handlebars, appearing larger than the San Andreas rendition.


One of the BMX's major advantages is its maneuverability. In addition to its compact size, the BMX also allows the player to execute super high bunny-hops along with the standard fare of wheelies and stoppies. In Vice City Stories, players can only execute a low bunny hop using the BMX.

The BMX's top speed, however, is wedged between that of the Bike and the Mountain Bike, and is not considerably fast as a result. The BMX is also unintended for off-road use, as the player is prone to dismounts from the bike and the resulting injuries; neither is it suited for getaways when pursued by cops.



  • The San Andreas rendition features a ringing bell in place of a horn (although there is no actual bell on the bike itself). The Vice City Stories rendition lacks any of these equipment.
  • Like other bicycles and trains (the Brown Streak and Freight), the BMX vehicle is indestructible. It is, however, worth noting that the BMX, like any other bicycle in San Andreas, can burst into flames if the bike ends up resting upside down. This is probably a designer oversight, because the task of getting a bicycle upside down is next to impossible.
  • Just like any other vehicle, if a cop sees you taking the bike from a parking lot, a one-star wanted rating is applied, just as you get for stealing a car. This even applies if you take the bike outside Roboi's Food Mart, when you've been authorized to use it.
  • The BMX is the first vehicle introduced to the player in San Andreas.
  • There is a trick when you pop a wheelie and hold X, you will be in a wheelie until you release X or brake.
  • Along with the Tug and Bus, the BMX is one of the three shortest-named vehicles in the series of Grand Theft Auto.
  • In Vice City Stories, BMX is never ridden by other people. Only the player can ride it.
  • Even that it's not part of the Grand Theft Auto series, Bully has a couple of BMX bikes.
  • In the Game Informer Demo of Grand Theft Auto V, Michael is seen riding a BMX.
  • If you throw a grenade at the BMX and quickly enter it, you will be wasted as if the BMX exploded, however, there is no exploding animation. This has been tested on Vice City Stories.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories



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