For the mission, see BZ Gas Grenades.

The BZ Gas is a special thrown weapon featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is essentially a non-lethal version of the Tear Gas. The BZ Gas is a knockout gas developed by the Humane Labs and Research, likely for military use.

The BZ Gas only appears if the player has chosen the smart approach for The Jewel Store Job. It first appears in the BZ Gas Grenades mission where Michael must steal them from a Humane Labs Boxville. Later, they appear in Franklin's inventory during the heist. The player must throw one in the vent in order to allow Michael and the heist crew to safely rob the Vangelico store. Like the Remote Sniper and the Camera in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, this weapon is mission-exclusive and thus cannot be obtained or used out of the heist.

If the player randomly drops a BZ gas can (not into air vent) while on the roof, it will simply behave like a regular Tear Gas. It is possible to spawn them through a trainer outside of the mission.


  • The BZ Gas is based on the 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate, a non-lethal incapaciting agent developed in 1951 and later used by the United States Military, whose NATO designation is BZ.