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BabiesOvernight1 website is a website that is accessible through the Internet in Grand Theft Auto IV. The website is a reference to the Pets Overnight website from Grand Theft Auto III, as both sites have similar names, premises and taglines. As advertised on the radio, Babies Overnight is a service that allows a customer to pick out the style of baby he/she wants, and the baby will box-ship anywhere in Liberty City in a matter of hours. Also, if a customer is not satisfied with the baby they receive, they can order a new baby and simply dispose of the old one.

As a minor detail, in the part where the countries from Africa are listed, the one called Pambia does not exist. This might be a misspell of Zambia or possibly The Gambia, and possibly, given Rockstar's satiric humor, an intentional one.


  • A woman on the Fleeca radio advertisement indirectly mentions when asked what she does with Fleeca card.
  • The background music playing during the Babies Overnight radio advertisement is the same as the one used in the Koala advertisement in GTA: Liberty City Stories.


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