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Backpacks are worn on backs for storing things into it. They have appeared in previous games such as San Andreas but is only worn by NPCs. The player can finally wear them in Grand Theft Auto IV where it is a duffel bag being worn the first time in Waste Not Want Knots, the next mission Three Leaf Clover and the deal mission If the Price is Right. The duffel bag has also made another appearance in The Ballad Of Gay Tony Drug Wars. A rare backpack is seen during the mission Pegorino's Pride where it is a normal backpack and is worn by Jimmy Pegorino and later Niko Bellic. This is the only time the backpack appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. None of the backpacks have appeared in The Lost & Damned. Backpacks have also appeared in the Grand Theft Auto V trailer. The Duffel bag is seen during the jewlery store robbery scene. During the trailer, the Rucksacks is seen when a man and two women are climbing the mountain. Michael carries a backpack with a bomb in it during the mission Friend Request

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