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The Badfellas poster.

Badfellas is a movie advertisement found in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It appears on a poster in the Red Light District of Liberty City (in Grand Theft Auto III) and at the InterGlobal Films studio (in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) and can be seen vaguley in The Introduction (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) when CJ car-jacks a man in the Red Light District. The characters on the poster are (from left to right): Salvatore Leone, Luigi Goterelli, Maria Latore, 8-Ball, Joey Leone and Toni Cipriani. Badfellas is an obvious reference to the 1990 movie, Goodfellas which includes Ray Liotta, the voice of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City protagonist, Tommy Vercetti. Debi Mazar, who voices Maria, also appears in Goodfellas as Sandy; Frank Vincent, who voices Salvatore, appears in Goodfellas as the mobster "Billy Batts". The Poster shows the Beta version of the characters.

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