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Badger Touchscreen Phone
Appearance(s): The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full name: Badger Touchscreen Phone
Also known as: Luis' Phone
Manufacturer: Badger
Type: 2008-2009 Era

Badger Touchscreen Phone is a Mobile Phone in the HD Universe. It is manufactured by Badger.


Although being a Touchscreen, it is a phone with very few functions. It is inspired by many phones, mainly Samsung in the front camera section and overall body, and LG/Nokia in the buttons section.

GENERAL: No wi-fi/network connection.
STORAGE: It is able to store ringtones, images, themes, messages and contacts. The first three mentioned cannot be opened individually though.
CAMERA: Rear Camera, Front Camera.
SOUND: Vibrations, Ringtones.
DISPLAY: Multi-color, Touchscreen.



Phone Pictures


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