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Bail Bond is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto V offered by Maude to Trevor. Capturing the targets alive will reward the player with $10,000, although killing the targets will only reward $5,000. It can be accessed by visiting Maude soon after gaining Trevor. She should come up as a question mark on the map (just east of the Alamo Sea)


Each bail bond mission is given by Maude to Trevor via an email, with small picture of the area in which the bail jumper is hiding. Note it is not marked on the map, and the general location must be found by the player themself.

  • The first target is Ralph Ostrowski. He is located in Davis Quartz (just southeast of Sandy Shores). Ralph will be alone, but might attempt to flee in a truck if not stopped before. He can be easily brought down with a Stun Gun. If he does try to escape in a vehicle, shooting two tires makes him surrender. Seen here
  • The second target is Larry Tupper, an old acquaintance of Trevor's. The location is by an old farm just south of Sandy Shores. He will have several thugs surrounding him and will attempt to run down a hill if alerted. He can also be stunned, leading to the thugs running off. Seen here
  • The third target is a banker and adrenaline junkie named Glenn Scoville. He is located on the top of Mount Chiliad, parachuting off when confronted by Trevor. After landing he will start running from Trevor. He can easily be stunned. Seen here
  • The fourth and final bail bond is Curtis Weaver, who has taken refuge at a hobo camp at the most northern part of the map. He will start shooting (with a pistol) when he sees the player and begin to run up a hill, but has no bodyguards and is relatively easy to stun. Seen here

Once all four targets have been caught Maude decides to retire and Trevor can no longer recieve missions from her.


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