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For the gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Ballas (3D Universe).

The Ballas are an African-American street gang featured in Grand Theft Auto V.  


They appear to maintain their traditional rivalry with the Families, as they can be seen fighting enemies in green clothing during Franklin's character trailer. In the Game Informer article, Rockstar Games have stated that the Ballas are still going strong, but when you ride into their neighborhood, they don't always attack you on sight.  Though sometimes they do attack if provoked by your presence, such as "flipping them off" or pulling or aiming a weapon at them.[1] However, they will attack the police if they drive through their neighborhood and this can be used to your advantage. The Ballas are supporters of the Los Santos Panic Basketball Team and the Boars Baseball Club, with their purple attire matching the teams' colors.

One of the protagonists, Franklin, is not on friendly terms with the Ballas as he is part of The Families.


The Ballas control the entire neighborhood of DavisGrove Street is a particular hotspot for activity as well as Brough Avenue and Covenant Avenue in the neighborhood.

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