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For the gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Ballas (3D Universe).

The Ballas are a large African-American street gang featured in Grand Theft Auto V.  


They still maintain their traditional rivalry with the Families. They do not attack if the player happens to walk through or pass through their territory. However, if taunted (such as pressing right of the D-pad playing as Trevor enough times, or if one fires a gun in their territory, the Ballas will become hostile and begin to shoot at the player. Their dogs will occasionally also come attack the player. The Ballas are supporters of the Los Santos Panic Basketball Team and the Boars Baseball Club, with their purple attire matching the teams' colors.

One of the protagonists, Franklin, is not on friendly terms with the Ballas as he is part of The Families. However, if he speaks to a Balla, they will not be aggressive at first, although they become hostile when Franklin insults them.

They can often be seen driving cars, bikes, and even walking Dogs. Most Ballas stand on the sidewalks in groups of 3-5. Their weapons include Pistols, Micro SMGs, and knives. Members are also seen smoking cigarettes and drinking Pißwasser.


The Ballas control the entire neighborhood of Davis. The cul-de-sac of Grove Street is a particular hotspot for activity as well as Davis Ave, Brouge Avenue and Covenant Avenue in the neighborhood. The Ballas also have a marijuana growing/packing business set up in an abandoned sawmill to the southwest of Paleto Bay.


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  • Brover/Balla are respect terms.
  • BK/Balless/Balls are disrespect terms directed toward Ballas.
  • FK/VK are disrespect terms used against The Families and Vagos gangs.




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