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{{Template:Unreleased}}{{Template:Infobox vehicles
#REDIRECT [[Baller]]
|name = Huntley Compact
|front_image = Huntley Compact-GTAV.jpeg
|image_size = 275
|caption = A front view of the vehicle
|vehicle_type = Civilian vehicle
|body_style = 4-Door SUV
|capacity = 4 (driver and three passengers)
|appearances = [[Grand Theft Auto V]]
|manufacturer = n/a
|getting_it = Parked
|related = [[Huntley]]
[[Huntley Sport]]}}The '''Huntley Compact''' ''(unofficially named)'' is a compact SUV that makes its debut appearance in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].
The car features linear formations that are inspired by British design styling featured on the [[wp:Range_Rover_Evoque|5 door Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.]] The design also seems to be partly inspired by the [ 2014 Range Rover Sport] for the sides.
The front face of the car features a lot of polymer, similar to the car's real life inspiration. The base of the front bumper features a polymer layer spanning the entire width. Two thirds of the front face width and a third of its height is occupied by a trapezium formation, with the outer part being black and the inset trapezium being chrome. Ouside the central areas and at about half the car's height there are large ducts that have edges countoured to the lower trapezium, main grille and headlights. These ducts have horizintal LED strips that run from the inner vertex of the ducts. The main grille is located almost at the top of the front face, being a chrome-edged trapezium which is less wide than the lower trapezium. The main grille features two horizontal chrome strips either side of mid-height. The headlamp units are linked to the grille, with the top edge coinciding with the top of the grille and bottom edge with the upper horizontal strip. The headlamp units feature two circular lamps and then an amber turn indicator lamp on the outside. The bonnet/ hood features an elevated area whose edges are in line with the top corners of the grille.
The sides of the car feature wheel arches in the form of large bulges. The main body features an impressed area bounded by two lines parallel to the lower window line. Connecting the two lines at the front quarter is a vertical air duct. The car features black, polymer-covered [[wp:Pillar_(automobile)|A, B, C and D pillars]]. The roof is lightly curved. The wing mirrors are dominantly body-coloured but feature a black polymer accent. The car features split six-spoke wheels, wrapped in low profile tyres.
{{Template:Vehicle Stats
|Engine = n/a
|Drivetrain = Four wheel drive
|Gears = n/a
|Mass = n/a|0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time = n/a
|Top speed = n/a}}
===Cultural references===
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