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The Ballot Van is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The van is essentially a variant of the Pony in GTA LCS, and has only minor changes in design, but now sports a Gruppe Sechs livery similar to that of the Securicar, as well as being permanently colored in dark blue.

No changes appear in the front portion of the vehicle, however, in the side profiling, the van lacks some panel-outlines. The rear features some notable changes, where the rear door is now replaced with an armored, thicker security door which lacks a window. Unlike the Pony, the Ballot Van's singular rear door is larger than the remaining section of the rear face, meaning the other part of the rear features a small window and a deposition imprint at the bottom. The rear door also features the Gruppe Sechs logo and text. A large chrome handle is fitted to the rear door, showing its high-security purpose.


The Ballot Van is almost identical to the Pony, having a low speed, but good resistance.

Prominent Appearances in Missions


  • The Ballot Van is one of the rarest vehicles, appearing only in the mission mentioned above, but the way to get it is simple. To obtain it, the player has to use a fast vehicle (preferably a Banshee) and go to the van's location. Then, the player simply has to hijack it. This, however, will make the mission fail.

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