"Explosives? Explosives?! What's wrong with you, man? You run a nightclub, not a terror cell."
Luis Lopez

Bang Bang is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given to protagonist Luis Fernando Lopez by Anthony Prince.


Luis walks in and finds Evan Moss dancing while Tony is taking some medicine in his room, ready to kill himself. Luis takes Tony to the bathroom to wash his face, but not before headbutting Evan for letting Tony come to that state. Feeling a little better, Tony says to Luis that Rocco Pelosi wants him to kill three targets from the LTA using Sticky Bombs to look like a terrorist attack. Noticing that Tony was not in the best condition to use explosive weapons, Luis knocks him out and take the batch of Sticky Bombs to do the job himself.

First, Luis drives to a crane machine in Frankfort Avenue, sets sticky bombs on the base of the crane and detonate them, causing it to wreck and killing the target.

Next, Luis needs to intercept a subway train at the tunnel exit in North Holland. An easy way to destroy the train is to speed ahead of it to its next stop at the Fortside Station in Bohan, and when it is stopped, throw a sticky bomb on it to help achieve No Bombs Wasted. The train can also be destroyed with a RPG if the player has one.

After blowing the train up, Luis travels to Francis International Airport, and then destroys the head of the LTA's private jet. After that, Luis escapes the airport and evades a 2/4-star wanted level. Luis calls Tony and Tony tells him that he and Evan have broken up.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • The first target is a construction foreman. He operates the nearby crane
  • Throw several stick bombs onto the base of the crane
  • The crane is rigged to blow, get clear
  • Now detonate the sticky bombs to destroy the crane
  • The next target is on an out of service subway train, intercept it at the tunnel exit
  • Destroy the train using sticky bombs
  • Get to the airport. The next target's plane is taking off soon
  • You must destroy the plane before it takes off
  • Lose the cops

100% Objectives

Complete the mission in 5:00
Take less than 50% Damage
Only five bombs were used (three for the crane, one for the subway car, and another for the plane).


Weazel News (Radio)

"Multiple blasts have rocked the city and authorities are describing it as a "coordinated terror attack". Incidents at the Libel site in central Algonquin, on an out of commision LTA subway car and on a private jet at Francis International have left many dead and citizens terrified. While arguments carry on about how to spin this history in order to get maximum impact, cleanup crews at Francis International, Libel and the LTA have their gory work cut out for them."

Liberty Tree Newspaper

"What have a plane, a train, and a crane got in common? They rhyme and they could all kill your children. Unrelated accidents in three corners of Liberty City have shown how close we come to death when we leave our apartments everyday."

"While the chronology of these events is still being debated, authorities have used social network updates on the popular website in order to put them in approximate order. It is believed that the first blast caused a crane to go down at the Libel site in Columbus Avenue. The second made an out of commission subway train derail on the Algonquin-Bohan line. And a third blast caused a private jet belonging to the LTA to combust at Francis International. Cleanup crews are hard at work on the sites while authorities debate on how to better safeguard against a repeat of these tragedies."

Video Walkthrough

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission 8 - Bang Bang 100% (1080p)

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission 8 - Bang Bang 100% (1080p)


  • The cutscene for this mission is one of two times Tony can be seen without his glasses. The other time is TLAD's Diamonds in the Rough.
  • In replays, the player can use Yusuf's Gold Buzzard to achieve all three objectives at once since the cops can't catch up to you, and the rockets work the same as the Sticky Bombs
  • The song that Evan sings and dances to in Tony's apartment is "Maneater" by Hall and Oates. This song can be heard on the Episodes from Liberty City exclusive radio station, Vice City FM (disc version only) meaning this is the only time the song can be heard in the download version of TBoGT.
  • The train will drive up the wrong side of the tracks during this mission.
  • After destroying the crane, the player can stand in the flames of the destroyed crane without catching fire. This is also true for the train and the jet.
  • After the train is destroyed, the lights will still be on, and there will be one living passenger still aboard, who can be killed with any type of gun.
    • If the train is destroyed at the Fortside station and the player waits until the mission is failed, the doors will close and open at regular times. Strangely enough, the message that allows the player to enter the subway will display, even if the train is not accessible.
  • In the Meet Tony Prince trailer, Luis and Tony can be seen driving the blue Buffalo available in this mission at Francis International Airport while a jet explodes behind them. This suggests that Tony accompanied Luis during this mission in the beta.
  • The crane remains in its destroyed state for the rest of the game, but never becomes this way in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned and instead stays undestroyed. One year later, in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars the crane is restored.
  • In front of the construction site, a Taxi and Dilettante spawn during the mission. The reasons for these vehicles spawning is unknown but are presumably owned by the workers on site.
  • After the plane explodes, police radio chatter mentions 'terrorist activity'.
  • The crane is not available to be climbed during this mission. However the player can still get to the top by using a helicopter, but the rails will not hold the player in because there is an invisible forcefield blocking it. So Luis would be hovering over it.
  • Luis's quote "Explosives?! What the fuck?!" was also said by Niko during the Rigged to Blow mission.
  • A cheat in Grand Theft Auto V was named after this mission. 
  • The name of the mission might be a reference to a 60s Pop-Rock song "Bang Bang" (My Baby Shot Me Down).