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"Multinational banking corporation that made billions out of bankrupting the American people, went bankrupt themselves, then got the American people to bail them out. Classy."
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The Bank of Liberty is a chain of banks located all over Liberty City during both the 3D Universe and the HD Universe. The player can buy stocks from them at website in GTA V.


The Bank of Liberty owns Lombank and Schlongberg Sachs as their ATMs use a Bank of Liberty interface.

In GTA IV, it's main branch is located on Columbus Avenue and Calcium Street in Chinatown, Algonquin. In GTA CW, the game booklet shows that Hsin Jaoming and his son Chan may be associates of the bank or have a high role in the bank hierarchy.

In GTA III, GTA LCS and GTA IV, there are Bank of Liberty ATMs scattered around the city. In GTA IV, they allow the player to check their bank balance, despite the fact that the player's money total is already displayed in the game's HUD.

Although it doesn't physically appear in Grand Theft Auto V, the player can buy stocks in The Bank of Liberty. Also, Trevor has a bank account at the company.


It is a parody of the Bank of America, as it has a similar name and the same colors. It is also a parody of Santander Bank and Eurasian Bank, as the text is the same and the bank also has a logo to the left of the title.

The Bank of Liberty branch in Chinatown (GTA IV) appears to be based on a branch of the HSBC bank in Chinatown, Manhattan judging by both location and appearance.


Grand Theft Auto III/Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto Advance

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Apart from those in GTA IV, there is a new branch in Downtown.




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