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Barbara Schternvart is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in GTA San Andreas. She is a deputy sheriff who lives in Tierra Robada and serves the desert of Las Venturas, and she can become one of Carl "CJ" Johnson's potential girlfriends.

Barbara can be found outside the El Quebrados Sheriff's Station and to get her attraction prefers CJ to be fat, although this is not necessary if sex appeal is at maximum, or alternatively if all Oysters have been collected. Once dating is initiated Barbara can be found again at the El Quebrados Sheriff Station between 00:00 and 06:00, or sometimes between 14:00 and 20:00, to take her out on dates.

Date Types

Driving date

While on a driving date, Barbara prefers CJ to drive at roughly the same speed as regular traffic.

Food date

While on a food date, Barbara prefers to go to diners. The closest diner is Jays Diner just southwest of where Barbara lives, along the highway connecting Las Venturas and San Fierro. It is marked by a pink drink icon.

Dancing date

The closest dance club, marked with a music record, is the one near The Camel's Toe in Las Venturas, another option is the Gaydar Station in San Fierro, although if you take her to this destination she will complain more that she doesn't like the area ("not safe" "high crime" etc) compared to if you just take her to the one Las Venturas. She is a desert kind-of gal and even though Las Venturas is an urban area, it is still surrounded by desert. The player will need 3000 or more points to have a successful date. Both clubs are a considerable distance from Barbara's home, and require quick travel to make it before Barbara gives up on the date.

(Tip: To get to a dance club really quickly, you may want to get a Helicopter or, for skilled pilots, a Dodo. When using Dodo, you can manage it to the club in LV even before she "starts to lose her patience". There is a roof immediately south from the club, that can be used to land and lower to ground level using stairs provided, but is too short for the plane to take off again. Instead, have a fast car or bike ready outside the club, as plenty of them will be driving around. Rush to Las Venturas Airport and take her home using another Dodo before she loses her patience.

Another way to get her to the dance clubs quickly is to enable the All Cars Can Fly cheat.')


She will ask Carl in for 'coffee' when either all Oysters have been collected, or their relationship reaches 60%.




  • Barbara's home is never seen; all pick up and meeting points with her are one and the same - at the El Quebrados Sheriff Station. If conditions are met to be asked in for 'coffee' after a successful date, the sexual activity will occur inside the Sheriff Station.
  • Barbara's line of work apparently keeps her very busy; she mentions that shallow graves are discovered in her desert jurisdiction every week. The amount of bodies she has to deal with may be because of the casino mafia at nearby Las Venturas, or the work of rogue government agent Mike Toreno whose ranch is nearby. Corrupt Los Santos police officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski also dealt away with 'problems' in Bone County. However it seems the mass grave in Bone County was created by Mary-Beth Maybell, judging from her dialogue on the K-Rose station.
  • Barbara mentions upon first meeting her, and meeting the right requirements, "Hi, I'm Barbara. I'm divorced and have two children. You interested?" Her former husband and children remain unseen in the game, although she does occasionally mention them, such as saying that her ex-husband is a 'bastard' and that he called her a 'control freak'.
  • If the player doesn't meet her preferences (fat over 50% and high sex appeal), she may refuse to date him, just like Helena Wankstein does. This can be overcome by obtaining all Oysters.
  • Barbara's Ranger's license plate reads CUFFS.
  • There is a glitch that occurs after she is done fighting a person, where she will pull out a gun and start shooting the player.
  • Sometimes, Barbara talks about a plane crash near The Big Ear. This could be a reference to the mission Dam and Blast, which involves bailing out of a plane, causing it to crash near the Big Ear.
  • Since she gives Carl a LSPD uniform after getting 100%, it is possible that she or her ex-husband used to work for LSPD. Due to her being stationed in El Quebrados, she more than likely now works for the rural police or sheriff's department of Bone County.
  • She is probably a Sheriff Lieutenant of her County Sheriff's Department or rural police.
  • Schternvart's character model can be seen on the movie poster for the film The Mainframe in GTA Liberty City Stories.

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