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(Reece's Hair and Facial Studio)
(Reece's Hair and Facial Studio)
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=== Reece's Hair and Facial Studio ===
=== Reece's Hair and Facial Studio ===
<gallery orientation="landscape" spacing="small" widths="250">
<gallery orientation="landscape" spacing="small" widths="250">
Reece's Hair & Facial Studio.jpg|[[Reece's Hair & Facial Studio]], [[Idlewood]], Los Santos

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Selecting a hairstyle at Reece's Hair & Facial Studio in GTA San Andreas, with the player already sporting a haircut from this barber.

Barbers in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allow the player to choose a hairstyle for Carl Johnson, the game's protagonist. Barbers become available in the third main story mission, "Ryder". The types of hairstyles selected may enhance both the player's respect from Grove Street Families members and the player's sex appeal towards girlfriends.

In total, there are seven barbers throughout San Andreas all categorized into only three types, two of which are only limited to one outlet each.

Haircuts are featured in GTA V.

List of barbers

Old Reece's Hair and Facial Studio

OldReece&#039;sHair&amp;FacialStudio-GTASA-exterior.jpg OldReece&#039;sHair&amp;FacialStudio-GTASA-interior.jpg

Old Reece's Hair and Facial Studio is in Idlewood, Los Santos. It is modeled after a traditional Black barbershop. The barber servicing the store is known as Old Reece, and is an affiliate of the Grove Street Families. It is unlocked after the mission "Ryder". The barber shop is only a shopfront away from a tattoo parlor.

Hair styles

Style Respect % + Sex Appeal % + Price
Cesar 5 15 $50
Cesar & 'Stash 10 10 $50
Cesar & Goatee 10 0 $100
Cesar & Beard 10 10 $80
Afro 15 10 $150
Afro & 'Stash 20 5 $200
Afro & Goatee 20 0 $300
Afro & Beard 20 5 $250
FlatTop 25 25 $500
Jheri Curl 5 25 $350
Cornrow 30 30 $500
High Fade 20 20 $150

Macisla Unisex Hair Salon

MacislaUnisexHairSalon-GTASA-exterior.jpg MacislaUnisexHairSalon-GTASA-interior.jpg

The Macisla Unisex Hair Salon (also known simply as "Barber Shop" by its outdoor sign) is found in Playa Del Seville, Los Santos. Like Old Reece's, Macisla boasts a unique interior with a sleek and modernized design modeling after a more urban Black barbershop/salon and has a unique barber model, a young African American character with a unique pattern design in his haircut. Apprently it targets a younger Afro American crowd (at the time) with wild hair designs that Black teens and yound Black adults would wear in the early '90's. The "Macisla Unisex Hair Salon" name is derived from the interior's mirrors, although the exterior implies it is simply known as "Barber Shop".

Hair styles

Style Respect % + Sex Appeal % + Price
Cesar 5 15 $50
Red Hair 10 0 $200
Blue Hair 10 0 $200
Green Hair 20 0 $200
Bald Head 10 20 $10
Bald & 'Stash 15 15 $25
Bald & Goatee 15 10 $25
Bald & Beard 15 15 $50
Slope 20 10 $200
Mohawk & Beard 10 0 $250
Elvis Hair 0 0 $1000

Miscellaneous barbershops


Shared interior of GTA San Andreas' miscellaneous barbershops; this interior is of the Marina "Barber Salon".

Other barbershops throughout San Andreas fall into a single group that offer the player the same set of hairstyles, and feature the same interior (a similarly modern interior as Macisla, distinguished by its checkered tile floor) and the same barber model (a Caucasian character with a radical hairstyle, parodying rapper Vanilla Ice).These barbershops may also target the (at the time) young Black crowd with wild hairstyles but may also target the young suburban White crowd who would act Black thus modeling the barber with a wild hairstyle, trying to talk in urban slang to CJ, Radio Los Santos being played at every shop, and the shops themselves placed in high class areas of San Andreas (and country and desert areas for some strange reason). The barber himself is also implied to be a member of the Epsilon Program, including mention of the group and "Kifflom" in speech. The only difference is their exteriors and storefronts, which often assume different names and design.

These barbers include:

Hair styles

Hairstyles offered from these barbers include:

Style Respect % + Sex Appeal % + Price
Cesar 5 15 $60
Blonde Hair 0 15 $60
Pink Hair 0 0 $200
Blonde Afro 15 15 $300
Blonde Cornrow 30 30 $550
High Afro 15 0 $150
Wedge 20 20 $150
Detail Cut 25 30 $400
Groove Cut 30 30 $500
Mohawk 20 10 $200
Blonde Mohawk 10 15 $250
Pink Mohawk 0 0 $400


Reece's Hair and Facial Studio

Macisla Unisex Hair Salon

Miscellaneous barbershops

BarbershopMarina.jpg MarinaBarberSalon-GTASA-exterior.jpg
Marina, Los Santos


  • If possible that you have a sniper rifle or a camera, equip either of the two then go to a mirror in Old Reece's zoom it in then you will see a person walking with a videogame machine. It is unconfirmed if all of the barber shops have these.
  • Asides from car sprays, barbers can remove the wanted level.

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