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"Every day the stock exchange is minting millionaires who know how to play the market. Thanks to online trading with the BAWSAQ stock exchange, you can lay it all on the line by betting on a stock that you read was going to be a sure thing. Or do like many hedge fund managers and embrace the time honored tradition of insider trading and corporate espionage."
―GTA V's official website is the website for the BAWSAQ stock exchange in Grand Theft Auto V. It takes on a large role, as the player can purchase stocks.


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Traded as Full name Description
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ AMU Ammunation Manufacturer of weapons - and reasons to own weapons, Ammu-Nation has zealously defended arms profiteering for over 50 years.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BDG Badger A first-world global communications company with third-world cell phone coverage.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BET Betta Pharmaceuticals Pioneers of medical breakthroughs like Mollis and the Alco Patch, Betta Pharmaceuticals has tried to keep the American people thin, happy and hard for over 30 years.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BFA BF German car manufacturer that, aside from a serious blip between 1939 and 1945, has served mankind well.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BIN Binco Low-quality clothing at low prices. Where fashion’s rejects come to die.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BLE Bleeter Bleeter is a social networking and microblogging service that found a way to turn the entire world into illiterate journalists reporting on the breaking news of their vapid existence. They, like many popular internet services, have yet to turn any kind of a profit.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BRU Brute Manufacturer of over-sized, eco-unfriendly vehicles designed for heavy-duty commercial use but mostly driven by soccer moms and drug dealers in busy city centers.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BTR BitterSweet The original handheld weapon of mass procrastination.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BGR Burger Shot America's favorite national quick service factory farmed restaurant chain and shining beacon of the global march towards cultural homogenization.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ CNT CNT International television network, responsible for groundbreaking programming that leads America straight off a cliff.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ CRE Crevis Outdoor sportswear marketed to the kind of urban consumer who rarely goes outdoors or does any sport.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ EYE EyeFind The search engine that knows everything about you, mostly because it drives around in cars collecting all your private data.
Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BEN The Bean Machine



All Systems: For currently unknown reasons the BAWSAQ market is unavailable to some players and available to others at seemingly random times. It also may go down for a player who previously had it up for seemingly no reason. No solution to this glitch currently exists but it is believed to have to do something with the Rockstar Social Club server having technical difficulties.

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