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"Get ready to drop some sea shells with all new vehicles, weaponry and a load of new Jobs"
Rockstar Games.

The Beach Bum Update is the first content update for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is free and was released on November 19, 2013 as part of the 1.06 patch. It has been stated to be the first of many free and paid updates and DLC's to be released for GTA V / GTA Online.

It contains 4 beach-themed vehicles, 2 weapons, many new beach-themed clothes (e.g. shorts), 4 new haircuts (2 male and 2 female), new tattoos, and 30+ multiplayer jobs. This was followed by the Valentine's Day Massacre Special in February 2014.

Update content

Jobs / Services

Multiple jobs around the beaches of San Andreas, mostly in Vespucci Beach, have been added. Amongst these are a Survival on the Del Perro Pier, a deathmatch on Paleto beach and an off-road race from the Zancudo River to North Chumash, amongst others. New gang attacks have also been added in coastal areas.

For single player, the main protagonists will have the Puerto Del Sol Marina for free, as the Speeder will be available from the beginning of the game.

Character customization (Clothes, haircuts, tattoos, etc.)

Many new beach-themed clothes, for both male and female Online characters, have been automatically added to their wardrobes and can be equipped either in safehouses or in clothing stores. Amongst these are multiple shorts, bucket hats, bathing suits and tank tops. There are also new tribal tattoos and four new haircuts (Two male and two female) with a shaggy look.


Two new weapons are included in the update. Both are automatically added to the singleplayer character inventory and, in Online, can be obtained for free in Ammu-Nation stores.

Image Name Description

Broken Bottle

A basic melee weapon with surprisingly effective damage, being capable of killing enemies slightly faster than the average Knife.

SNS Pistol

A small compact pistol, bearing good power but short range. An extended magazine can be purchased for it to extend the ammo capacity from 6 to 12 bullets.


Four new vehicles are included in the update. The road vehicles can be obtained in singleplayer by visiting the characters garages for the land vehicles and the characters dock for the Speeder. In Online, the road vehicles can be obtained free in the in-game website and the Speeder can be obtained for free in the in-game website They are now no longer free after later updates, and must be paid to acquire them.

Image Name Description Price

BF Bifta

A dune buggy with above average performance and great off-road capabilities, although prone to spin-outs. It slightly resembles the 3D Universe rendition of the BF Injection. 75,000

Canis Kalahari

A utility off-roading truck strongly inspired by the Citroen Mehari, with sub-par off-road performance due to its thin tire profiles. 40,000(Hardtop)



Bravado Paradise

A Rumpo-based camper van with moderate high speed and mid-level handling, notable for its painted artworks. 25,000

Pegassi Speeder

A returning speed boat from the 3D universe that stands out for being one of the fastest in the game. 325,000



GTA Online - Beach Bum DLC14:33

GTA Online - Beach Bum DLC


  • The name of one Sea Race (Gone Coastal) added with this pack is a reference to the phrase "gone postal", which came from a series of high-profile massacres committed by mentally unstable Postal Service employees.
  • All vehicles in this update were free until The High Life Update.
    • This update, and the Christmas DLC, had all the clothes placed into the player's inventory for free, except the Masks.



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