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The Beamer is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2 and a Beta vehicle in Grand Theft Auto III.


Grand Theft Auto 2

The Beamer is based on a BMW 507, evidenced by its internal name and the general design. The car is rear-engined, as seen when it is damaged, it smokes and catches fire from the back.

Grand Theft Auto III

In the beta version of Grand Theft Auto III, the Sentinel was originally called the "Beamer". The vehicle seems very simplier than the current Sentinel, most notably the size, where it is a bit smaller than the current version.


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  • "Beamer" is a common nickname for BMW cars, particularly in the UK.
  • In the interior of Joey Leone's Garage, the rusted-out wreck of a Beamer can be seen.
  • A Mafia version of the car was created for GTA III, but was cut before the final release of the game.


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