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The Beamer in the beta version of GTA III


The Beamer, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The Beamer is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2 that can only be found in the Downtown District of Anywhere City. It's based on a BMW 507, and it gives a flamethrower when crushed. In the beta version of Grand Theft Auto III, the Sentinel was originally called the "Beamer".


  • "Beamer" is a common nickname for BMW cars, particularly in the UK.
  • The engine is located in the back unlike some cars, as it smokes and catches fire in the back of the car, not the front.
  • In the interior of Joey Leone's Garage, an exploded Beamer can be seen.
  • A Mafia version of the car was created for GTA III, but was cut before the final release of the game.

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