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Bearing the Truth

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Bearing the Truth is a Stranger mission in GTA V given to Protagonist Michael De Santa by the infamous Epsilon Program.

Michael goes to see Marnie Allen in an alleyway somewhere in Los Santos. She tells him that his name is no longer Zolag, but is now Zondar. She also tells him that he needs to buy Epsilon Robes for $25,000 and wear them for 10 cumulative days.

In what is apparently either a glitch or a dialogue error by Rockstar, the robes actually need to be worn for 10 consecutive days for the next mission to unlock. If Michael changes clothes (either manually or automatically, when he's not being controlled), the day counter will reset (chaging them immediately won't affect the counter). It is advisable for the player to use Michael's bed to sleep 40 times and make 10 days pass.

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