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The Beast is an creature introduced in Grand Theft Auto Online in the Freemode Events Update for the PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions of the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

On the PS4, Xbox One and PC version, after the player beats the game to 100%, completes the Strangers and Freaks mission The Last One and finds all 27 Peyote Plants, seven special Golden Peyote Plants will appear, one in a different location for each day of the week, from 5:30 to 8:00 AM with the weather set to Snow (consoles, unlocked only by a cheat code) or Foggy (PC version). This special Peyote Plants grants the player the ability to play as Sasquatch himself. Bigfoot works almost identically to human characters, can drive any vehicles, can use any dropped weapons, and has increased strength. If the plants are eaten in order (from Sunday to Saturday), a dead animal, human or an abandoned car will be nearby. When eating the Saturday plant, the hunter from The Last One will lie dead next to the player, growling after this will cause a howl to sound from the distance, to which the player must follow, starting a hunt of sorts that consists on following a trail of dead bodies.

Eventually, the player will arrive at Thomson Scrapyard and growling won't be available, then he should head to a small shack nearby where the very last body will be located, the camera will then zoom on top of a wrecked airplane, where the Beast will jump from, starting a fight. If the player wins, the hallucination will automatically end, and you will unlock this character in the Director Mode. (Select the Wild Animal actor and press Left Shift+CTRL on PC or L3+R3 on console to swap between the Sasquatch and the Beast)

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Beast appears in 1 Freemode Event & 2 Adversary Modes.


Bigfoot Vs Beast17:18

Bigfoot Vs Beast. The Beast

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