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The Beaver Bush Ranger Station.

Beaver Bush Ranger Station is a San Andreas Park Ranger station managed by the Los Santos Department of Parks and Recreation. The building is located at Baytree Canyon Road & Marlowe Drive in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.


The two story station is manned by a Ranger who is usually overlooking the park with binoculars. Occasionaly, another Ranger can be seen patrolling the tracks around the station. Since they are law enforcement officers, all of the Rangers at the station are armed with a pistol and baton. There is a small garage at the side of the building which spawns a Park Ranger.


  • As expected from Rockstar Games' crude sense of humor, the name Beaver Bush refers to the slang term used for female pubic hair.
  • For some reason the name plate of the station bares the Los Santos seal as opposed to the state seal.

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