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Beaverhead Avenue is a street located in Westdyke, Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV.

There are a couple of reasons for the street name. One theory claims that it is named after the large rock in the state of Montana. A second theory is a reference to Rockstar's sexual humor; a Beaver is slang for pussy or vagina. Head is slang for giving someone oral sex. Combine those words to make Beaverhead and it implies someone giving oral sex to a vagina.

This is the spawnpoint in the Multiplayer Party Mode.


Location Type Road Direction
Leftwood Road begin

Flathead Road n/b toward Bridger Street
s/b toward Manzano Road
Westdyke Road crossing

Big Horn Drive e/b toward Owl Creek Avenue
Road crossing

Cassiar Avenue s/b toward Big Horn Drive
Road end

Sacramento Avenue e/b toward Bridger Street
w/b toward Franklin Avenue


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