Beer Hats were limited time hats that could only be unlocked during the Independence Day Special or on certain days of the Festive Surprise event in GTA Online. They could be found in special crates in public free-mode sessions or invite only free-mode sessions containing at least 4 people. There were 4 different variations of beer hats commonly available. These include the Supa Wet beer hat, the Pisswasser beer hat, the Benedict beer hat, and the Patriot beer hat.

As of July 8th 2015, as part of the Ill Gotten Gains Part 2 update, all 6 beer hats have been unlocked for Xbox One and PS4 players. For unknown reasons, beer hats weren't added on past-gen consoles and PC.


  • There were many glitches to get the beer hat even if the player didn't get it from a crate drop.
  • There are two additional beer hats that were available by either glitching, using modding tools, or if proceeded by an unusual combination of circumstances. A red one for "J's Lager" (the "'s" is not included in the logo) and a lime-colored one for "Blarney's". These are considered among the most rare of wearable items in Online.