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Benefactor is a luxury automaker in the HD Universe of the GTA series.


Based on its vehicle designs, it is likely the analogue of Mercedes-Benz. The term "benefactor" refers to a person who aids an individual or group. Additional vehicles made by Benefactor are featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony. With the exception of the Stretch E, most of Benefactor's vehicles have "special" variants, like their real life AMG counterparts, however the changes are purely cosmetic.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Feltzer Sports Car 2001-2011 Mercedes-Benz SL Features in Grand Theft Auto: IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony & Grand Theft Auto V
Schafter Sports Sedan First Generation: 1998—2006 Mercedes-Benz S Class
Second Generation: 2009—present Mercedes-Benz E Class (TBOGT rendition)
Features in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony
Serrano Crossover SUV 2005-2011 Mercedes-Benz ML Features in The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V
Stretch E Limousine 2009—present Mercedes-Benz E Class limousine Features in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Surano Grand Tourer Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Features in Grand Theft Auto V
Utility SUV Sport SUV Mercedes G-Class 463 and Land Rover Defender 110 Grand Theft Auto V exclusive
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