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"So, first up, I should probably say, Benny can't do this on any old car. I only work on select makes and models, but the work speaks for itself. I'm always looking to expand but, this is where we're at for now."
―Benny to GTA Online Protagonist, upon entering his garage in an eligible car for the first time.

Benny is a character featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. He appears as a supporting character in GTA Online: Lowriders Update Missions.


Benny is the owner and operator of Benny's Original Motor Works. He is claimed (by Lamar Davis) to work specifically on lowriders, also evident by his website. He appears to be the only worker there, who works on the cars, fitting, upgrading and respraying. Despite evidently only working on lowriders in-game, three other cars - a Peyote, Banshee, and a covered Cheetah - are found on car-lifts and under construction. The Peyote and the Cheetah cannot be modified or worked on at Benny's by the player, yet the Banshee can as of the January 2016 Update.




One of the "R*I*P BENNY" graffiti tags near Cypress Flats.

  • There are three graffiti tags that read "R*I*P BENNY" in Los Santos. Two under the bridge near Cypress Flats and one at the Tractor Parts warehouse in La Mesa. They're all accompanied with what appears to be a crown with the initials "S" and "D", with an arrow pointing downwards. It is possible that this graffiti may be referencing Benny, although this is not likely, as he was a later addition in updates to the game.

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