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Benny with a Purple Dildo in the mission, Key To Her Heart.

Benny is a minor character in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Benny is one of the clients of Millie Perkins before she meets Carl Johnson. Benny appears during the mission Key to Her Heart, walking towards Millie's home. In fact, Benny is referred to in-game as The Gimp and "Master", as Millie calls him so, probably due to the fact they would engage in a BDSM sexual acts. Carl kills Benny and takes his place in order to get the key card for Caligula's Casino from Millie. When killed, the purple dildo he was carrying can be picked up. Benny's character model is the same model used for countryside hillbilly farmers.


  • Benny is one of the few innocent characters that Carl is required to kill in-game. (Other than the journalist and friend killed ordered by Tenpenny) Other murders of innocent people include Alan Crawford (OG Loc ordered Carl to kill him after he rejected his raps, which were stolen from Crawford's client, Mad Dogg.) and his female escort, and the workers in the mission Deconstruction after the workers in the construction site insulted Carl's sister Kendl.

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