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For the sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2, see Benson.

The Benson is a truck that has appeared in both the 3D Universe and the HD Universe. It is manufactured by Vapid in the HD Universe.


GTA Vice City — GTA Vice City Stories

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the Benson name was applied to a very different type of vehicle: a van. This version of the Benson resembles a 1978 or 1979 Ford E-Series cube van with a "luton" cargo compartment. In San Andreas, it is available in several different designs, and appears in red and blue body in Vice City Stories.

The Benson in GTA San Andreas has the wrong engine sound, as it makes a heavy truck sound but should make the light/medium truck sound, which the Yankee incorrectly has. In the PC version, this can be fixed by swapping the ID numbers of the Yankee and Benson in the vehicles.ide file. Unlike missing wheel in DFT-30 and Beagle in Fort Carson, it cannot be downloaded on the Xbox version.



A Benson in GTA IV (Rear quarter view).

Manufactured by Vapid in Grand Theft Auto IV, the Benson is much larger (the heaviest car in the game, according to the game files). The GTA IV version also has less tendency to roll over. It has a bottler truck body-style, though certain versions (such as the mail truck) don't emphasize its function. The cab resembles an 1989-2001 International 4000 Series; the design, however, is much different than the Brute Securicar, which is based on the same truck series. The Benson's engine is an intercooled V8. Unlike previous versions, the
Benson badges

Badging on the Benson.

GTA IV Benson has a massive grille guard. Company logos appearing on the Benson include those of Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell, Sprunk, Mr. Wong's Laundrette, Post Op, and Truck You!. In GTA IV same as Mule, Benson does not power with air-brake but instead, it powers with disc/disk-brake and/or drum brake which is rather odd for a heavy
Benson signs

Company liveries: Burger Shot, Post Op, Mr. Wong's Launderette, Sprunk, Cluckin' Bell, Truck You Removals.


This vehicle returns for GTA V, abscent accesories and the grille guard was upgraded, sporting a thick structure over the truck, making it easy to push cars.


GTA Vice City — GTA Vice City Stories

Being the smallest cube van between GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, the Benson has a decent top speed and quick acceleration, and has room for 2 people including the driver and is the in the GTA III era games. However, it is prone to flipping over easily on rough terrain and when turning around corners at high speeds. It has no special features. The Benson is quite vulnerable to bullet damage in GTA San Andreas although it can withstand a lot of damage before catching fire.

Players can even do doughnuts in it by steering it in the slightest possible angle (almost straight) and, naturally, putting the virtual foot to the floor. This can be done on the PC by using an analog controller (such as a PS2 controller through a USB converter), but not with the keyboard due to a cap on the number of simultaneous key strokes that can be accepted.


Being an enlarged truck in GTA IV, the Benson obviously suffers from poor steering, as well as a slow acceleration, but far from the worst in the game. However, the truck can achieve fairly moderate top speeds at 126 mph, but it will take ages to get there due to the poor acceleration. In addition, its weight does not help when the player needs to stop the vehicle while it is going high speeds. Also it's ability to soak up bullets is an advantage for when the player is attempting to escape gang members or police. Being extremely heavy, the Benson can shove traffic out of its way and keep going with ease.


The Benson in GTA V is much better than its GTA IV variant. Its speed seems to to have improved since its last appearance, however acceleration still leaves much to be desired. Its brute strength can withstand a barrage of bullets, making it a highly durable vehicle.

GTA V Overview

Source Acceleration
(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
(Capacity + Layout + Fuel)
Number + Type
(Kg / lb)

(i.e. Game data definitions, or claimed in-game.)

n/a 130 / 209 (handling.dat)


50% FWD
50% RWD

5 (handling.dat)

7000 / 15432 (handling.dat)

(i.e. recorded on In-game speedometer.)

14.2 Seconds 72 / 115

F4 Inline-6 [citation/verification needed]



Mass cannot be observed.



3D Universe

HD Universe


GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

  • Commonly spawns in the industrial areas of Los Santos.

GTA Vice City Stories

GTA IV + Episodes from Liberty City


GTA Online



GTA Vice City 

  • In GTA Vice City, if the player finds a way to get up and stand on the hood of a Benson that is being driven by an NPC, and the Benson moves forward, Tommy will fall down into the cab. When he gets up, he will be stuck halfway inside the cab, with his head protruding from the roof. He will not be able to get out unless the Benson crashes, where he will pop out and appear standing on its roof.

GTA IV and Episodes

  • If the player drives a Benson, Securicars may eventually appear. This occurs most likely in Bohan.
  • In GTA IV, there is a glitch where you can walk through the front wheels of the Benson.
  • In GTA IV, like the Bus and Yankee, as well as the APC (TBoGT), it will fall into blue hell and spin for a while before landing back on the street when the Swingset Glitch is executed in a Benson.


  • The Benson has no rear license plate, but it does have a front license plate.
  • The Benson appears in the online mission "Stickup the Stickup Crew" in variations.
  • If you purchase the property Pitchers when playing Michael, the owner may ask you to deliver the booze, which is in a white unmarked Benson.
  • The rear door can be opened by kicking the roof above near it due to a glitch. After doing so, it can be closed and locked again by shooting it with a Sniper Rifle or any high damage single-shot weapon. The process can be repeated multiple times, but beware as the engine will take longer to startup and you might accidentally break the door. Although most vehicles will fall off, the Nagasaki Blazer can stay for a long time before falling off the cargo bay. (Tested on PS3.)


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